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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Week In Comics 8-10-11

Winding down to the end of the old DC Universe. Just two weeks of issues left after this. But first, a non-DC book that actually was issued a week earlier. The store I had gone to then didn't have it, so I had to wait...

Moriarty 4: So the back of the book reveals that this isn't the end of a four-issue miniseries, but just the end of the storyline, with more adventures starring Professor Moriarty to come in the fall. And my one suspicion, that at the end of this tale Moriarty would have to confront the thought-to-be-dead Sherlock Holmes, sort of comes true. Yay me.

DC Retroactive: Superman - The '80s 1 (of 1): The reprinted story features Superman being confronted by a being called Destiny, who teaches him that just because he can help everyone, he shouldn't always do so. You know, one of those "mankind becomes stronger by fighting their own battles" blah blah blah stories. The new story brings this Destiny character back -- to try and make Superman choose between two future paths, neither of which are very palatable, with the tactic of showing Superman "future" events such as "Identity Crisis" and "Blackest Night" and, of course, his temporary death in battle against Doomsday. (Remember, this is set in the 1980s.) But if he really wanted to show a bleak future, Destiny could have shown Superman his mopey walk across the country.

Teen Titans 99: I wasn't so thrilled by the last issue, in which Superboy-Prime returned. I wasn't going to buy this, but I started looking through it in the store and sort of got suckered in. Dammit. I suppose I'll have to buy the last issue now.

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