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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Week In Comics 8-24-11

The end is near...so, so near...more on that in my next comics post. For this one we have the finales of two "Flashpoint" tie-ins, the end of four regular series and two specials.

Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance 3 (of 3)
Flashpoint: Project Superman 3 (of 3): I hazarded a guess that I had to read the Lois Lane book first, and I was right, because events in that book were followed up in the Project Superman book. After all, you can't keep Superman (even if his existence has been radically altered by the Flashpoint phenomenon) and Lois Lane (even if her existence, etc.) apart for long. The Project Superman series was well-done, though. Both of these lead to the conclusion of "Flashpoint" and the end of the old DC universe.

Action Comics 904: Like many of the other books, it ends with a heartwarming feel-good moment. In this case, it's Lois and Clark having dinner after Superman and the others end the threat of Doomslayer and the Doomsday clones. The curtain is drawn on the final act of their marriage, since the new DC has decreed that in the new universe they were never married. Sadly, this title will never get to the magic number of 1000 issues (unless, at some point in the future, DC decides to renumber their books again -- they did this recently with Wonder Woman, adding previous series together so they could give her series an issue number 600).

Teen Titans 100: Speaking of books hitting milestone numbers, here's one now. This is an example of my "completeness" issue. Since I bought the previous two issues for the storyline, I ended up buying the last one. Meh.

Gotham City Sirens 26:
This series started off with a lot more humor than it ended up with. But although it was disappointing at times, I liked how the final issue circled back to the first one, with Catwoman explaining to Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn exactly how they came to be a team.

Batman, Incorporated 8: This was confusing and bizarre and flat-out awful. Some sort of Tron-like thing in which Batman and Oracle (or avatars of them, or something) enter "Internet 3.0" to stop some cyber-threat. The less said about this piece of crap, the better.

Superman Beyond 0: A one-shot spun off from the world of the "Batman Beyond" animated series and its comic book counterpart. An aging Superman, with almost all of his friends and loved ones now deceased, returns to Metropolis from a long journey in space and has to deal with a super-criminal that may be too powerful for him to handle. Whether this is turned into an ongoing series isn't known, because as of now there's no "Batman Beyond" future in the DCnU.

DC Retroactive: Superman - The 90s 1 (of 1): The final new story of these flashback specials not only tied in to the reprinted story that accompanies it, but it actually seems like a lost, untold story. It fits in very well to that continuity, and since that was the era in which I started buying these books, it was especially enjoyable.

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