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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time For DeSean Discipline, Eagles And NFL.

Memo to the National Football League and the Philadelphia Eagles: I haven't forgotten.

Last month, when NightlifeGay.com took the Eagles and the NFL to task for not responding after DeSean Jackson's "gay-ass faggot" radio interview, I pointed out that the league was still in a lockout and that neither the team nor the Eagles could do a thing until the labor situation was resolved.

As you know, shortly after that the lockout ended. There is labor peace in the NFL. Players have reported to training camps.

DeSean Jackson, however, was a no-show at first.
Unhappy with his contract (by any reasonable assessment, he has a right to be), he held out for a while. But when push came to shove -- the push being the date that he had to report or lose a year of service credit towards free agency -- Jackson finally showed up. And unlike the ugly situation that resulted when another Eagles receiver, Terrell Owens (who shares slimy agent Drew Rosenhaus with Jackson), was dissatisfied with his contract, both player and team are saying all the right things and indications are that, at some point, the team will find a way to make him happy.

Just one thing, however...there still has been no comment, from the Eagles or the league, regarding his anti-gay slur. (And the Philadelphia Daily News, despite devoting multiple pages of every edition to the Eagles, has almost completely ignored the story from the beginning. To be fair, I'm not sure any of the local or national media is reporting on this, but the Daily News is the one outlet I can speak about with complete certainty since I'm a subscriber.)

While the number of MLB teams making "It Gets Better" videos continues to increase (including the Phillies either 8 or 9 teams, depending on whether the Nationals confirm the blog report of their involvement, have made or committed to making them), not one NFL team has done the same. And while there's no reason for the NFL and Eagles to wait to respond to the Jackson comments, their silence continues to be deafening. And shameful.


doug said...

its weird,THE silence but JUSTICE WILL BE DONE, DeSEAN SEEMS LIKE A GOOD MAN ,give him time & space to make it all GOOD again. the california 2011 SUMMER DeSEAN is over ,the GOOD MAN PHILLY EAGLES DeSEAN is back

Anonymous said...

Just bcuz YOU'RE gay doesn't make it okay

Joe in Philly said...

Yeah, it does. Yay, my first troll!