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Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Irene Dream

"Jed! Jethro! Elly May! Vittles!!!"
As I start to write this it's 5:30 am. The center of still-barely-a-Hurricane Irene is just off the coast of New Jersey on its way north. At the weather station where official readings are taken (ostensibly at the airport but the physical location of the weather station is actually just across the river in New Jersey) we've had 5.50 inches of rain. There are a few hours where heavy rain can still fall, and the highest wind gusts may also occur.

Somehow there is still no water coming through my roof. This is borderline miraculous. For a short period, during an intense rainfall that was blowing against the back of my house, water was coming into my kitchen, where there's a door (leading to the deck) that is not particularly well-sealed. It was coming not just at the bottom of the door but also from the top. That was a little freaky.

And despite many dire warnings, the power has stayed on except for a blip of 15-20 seconds. This could change, of course.

Although I semi-planned to stay up all night, I decided around 1 am to try and sleep and I eventually managed to doze off. I got maybe 3 hours' worth, I woke up a couple of times, and now I think I may just stay up. Meanwhile, I had a weird dream about this crap:
I was in the living room and decided to go upstairs to check out the ceiling. There were many, many water stains. I was discouraged and upset and decided to go check on my mom, who, in this dream, lived in what seemed to be an old apartment building downtown. For some reason, though, I just stayed in the lobby or walked outside for some air. At one point I heard the voice of Joan Rivers -- either a TV in the lobby or somewhere else was tuned into a show she was on. The last time I went in, the previously empty lobby was filling up with men, and they were all talking what was going on and waiting for a meeting of some kind to start. One of the men looked like a guy I know through the Outsports discussion board, but we didn't talk to each other or anything. Then I looked at the lobby ceiling and noticed water dripping through. The next thing I knew I was talking to my mom in her room and telling her (I think) what was happening, and then I suddenly woke up.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming. Unless I have another weird dream.

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