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Friday, August 19, 2011

Way To Keep Up, Virgin Mobile

There are times when I complain on Twitter about my Virgin Mobile wireless service -- because they have more than a reasonable number (or at least reasonable to me) of problems with their web service. Either I have a slow connection or none at all. And any time I do, some Virgin Mobile Twitter account will post a reply asking how they can help me. It's not like there's anything they can do. The problems are never with my phone or my ability to use it. It's always with their connection.

So today, just after I got outside and was waiting for the bus, I tried to update Twitter via my phone's web browser and got "Network Connection Failed." Same thing for other web sites.  Via text message I updated Twitter at 5:37 pm:

It's nice that their help desk personnel, or whomever, are so up to date.

Two things...

1) I'm not sure how removing the battery would help. I know my friend Kurt has had to do this with his BlackBerry, especially the one he had before that was really bad, when the screen would freeze or it would otherwise not cooperate. I don't have that problem. My phone, for what it's worth, works fine, and even when these web outages occur I've always been able to text or make calls.

2) Notice how I pieced those three tweets into one image? I just pasted them onto a word document and typed in between. I am so smart! S-M-R-T...

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