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Friday, August 19, 2011

Too Long For Twitter: Netbook Edition

There's a part of me that, despite my current financial status, really wants to buy a new netbook or laptop before my trip next month. The laptop I have is NINE YEARS OLD. I bought it before I went to Baltimore on a temporary work assignment (I ended up staying down there for nine months). It's on its second hard drive, which I somehow managed to install by myself. The disc drive doesn't work any more. The battery life is pretty poor. And it's not very light. I have to take it on the plane in my carry-on bag because, as old as it is, it still would probably disappear from my checked bag.

A new laptop (or netbook) would be a lot easier to carry. But, just like my old TV that still refuses to die so I would be forced to buy a new HDTV, I'm not sure I should buy one if the old one still functions (at least well enough).

If you want to talk me into (or out of) buying it, feel free to comment.

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