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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vote For Me And I'll Set You Free

Many of you* have been asking me, "Joe, we just love your blog so much! You're awesome! Short of actually handing you piles of cash, is there any way we can show our appreciation for you?" Well, now there is!

CBSPhilly.com is the catch-all site for the local CBS-owned TV and radio stations, including CBS-3 television, KYW Newsradio (1060 AM) and sports-talk WIP (610 AM -- at least for now; it's been reported that they plan to move to/simulcast on FM next month). At their website voting has now begun for Philadelphia’s Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011, in the following categories: Dining/Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Local Affairs, Health/Fitness/Medical and...Everything Else.

And guess who's been nominated in the "Everything Else" category?

Go on...guess!

Okay, I guess the image at right sort of gives it away.

Now, the stakes aren't that high. The only prizes they're giving away are $50 Amazon gift cards (12 in total, 6 to the top vote-getter in each category and 6 "Editor's Choice" picks.

You can go here to vote in my category. (Scroll down -- the nominees are listed alphabetically, so I'm in the T (for "The") section. And you can check out all the categories here. The voting is open now and runs through September 9, and you can vote once every day. And feel free to pass this on to your family, friends, neighbors, frenemies, acquaintances, pets, the supermarket cashier, the file clerk at your office, the toll collector on the turnpike, etc. Thank you for your support!

*"Many" in this case equals "no one." This is called "writer's embellishment." But it seems I have my friend Kurt to thank, as he told me today that he nominated my blog. How I became a finalist, I have no idea.


Anonymous said...

Vote early and vote often.

I voted for you!

Anonymous said...

Jim at Outsports voted for you despite the whole Eagles thing.

Joe in Philly said...

Thanks, Anonymous and...ummm, Anonymous. ;-)