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Monday, October 17, 2011

Quick Review: Drive

Talk about quiet intensity. "Drive" at times meets that definition (although it's still quite intense when action and violence are filling the screen). There are some periods where the dialogue is sparse, but the mood is captured by the actors. Continuing on a hot streak is Ryan Gosling, who works in a garage and sometimes gets work as a Hollywood stunt driver -- and also sometimes gets work as a getaway driver. The garage owner (Bryan Cranston) has a plan to get Gosling's character into NASCAR, but needs money to do it, and gets it from a mobster (Albert Brooks -- yes, that Albert Brooks). Gosling's Driver (with no name -- the Driver is all he's identified as) slowly becomes involved with a young mother (Carey Mulligan), until her husband gets out of prison, and then trouble ensues. It will be interesting to see if Gosling can get an Oscar nomination for this film. I think he's deserving but this might be too off-putting a film for some Oscar voters to give it a fair shake. My grade: A.

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