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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Strike A Pose At Outfest

At one point during Sunday's Outfest I made my way towards the main stage to watch the performance by  Chad D, a local guy who now lives in New York City and recently released his first album, "The Human Link." (Here are links to his Twitter and Facebook pages, and check out more, including some of his songs, here.) I took a brief video and tried posting it to Facebook, but it never showed up there, nor did the other two videos I sent. (A better video -- better sound and containing the entire performance -- is here.) I also took a photo, although I couldn't really see exactly what I got due to the glare from the sun. I moved the photos and video from my phone to my hard drive tonight. Here's the pic (cropped a bit):

Obviously I caught him mid-dance. Looking at it, at first it reminded me of this...

...which is entirely appropriate as Tuesday is National Coming Out Day and Outfest is our celebration of the day (and I'll have some more on that in a separate post, hopefully tomorrow). But, looking at it again, I sort of thought about something else instead... ;-)