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Thursday, October 27, 2011

MixBlog 10-27-11

I need to put some content up here so the twelve or so of you who are actually reading this stuff (as compared to all the hits I get from people doing Google searches for pictures of shirtless guys*) continue to stop by, so here are some little observations...

Baseball: Right now I'm watching Game 6 of the World Series. It's kind of bizarre. It's 4-4 in the 6th as I write this and both the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals seem to be trying to give the game away with various displays of ineptitude. If they're this mistake-prone in Game 6, what happens if the Cards tie the series and they have to play the dreaded all-or-nothing Game 7? Update: 7-4 Texas in the 7th. Will this game end before I finish this post?

Hockey: Speaking of mistake-prone, I had the Flyers game on earlier. They were playing the Atlanta Thrashers Winnipeg Jets 2.0, who came into the game with a 2-5-1 record, at the Whatever-The-Bank's-Called-This-Week Center. Last night the Flyers lost at Montreal by a 5-1 score. The Canadiens were 1-5-2 before beating the Flyers and hadn't won a home game. So you had to figure the Flyers would be kind of desperate to put together a solid effort.

They fell behind 5-1 in the second period. I tweeted about it at the time and used these hashtags: #karma #apologizesimmonds (referring to this). After the teams traded goals, the Flyers then scored two more in the second and three in the first three minutes of the third period to take a 7-6 lead. I was worried that my tweet was serving as a reverse jinx.

About 90 seconds later, the Jets had regained the lead. With less than four minutes left it was tied again, 8-8. Finally, with just over a minute left, the winning goal was scored.

By Winnipeg. The Flyers have now lost 4 of their last 5 games. Karma, Wayne Simmonds, karma.

Life (or lack thereof): Meanwhile, I'm still trying to adjust to this whole work thing. I thought about going to a movie after work, but the schedule gods worked against me. At both theaters nearest my house, the showtimes for the films I was considering were in the 5:00 to 5:50 range (not giving me enough time to get there) and the next showings all fell between 7:30 and 8:15 (giving me too little time to do anything once I got home). This sucks. I miss movies. And you miss my reviews. Don't you? (Don't answer that.)

Weather: Apparently it's going to rain -- and snow -- on Saturday. Some of the higher elevations and areas further north of the city might actually get accumulating snow. As I despise winter more and more, this does not make me happy.

Weight: Not doing so great recently. Brief summary: I started a diet in November 2007. I weighed 261 at that time. By the following summer I had lost 51 pounds. From the fall of 2008 on my weight slowly crept up again, and by early April of this year I was back up to 254.4 (digital scale...those tenth-pounds add up). But by mid-September I was again trending down, to 235.8. I'm now back up to 243.8 as of today. I really need to get back on track soon.

*Oh, all right. Henry Cavill, the new Superman, on the "Man of Steel" set. Don't know why he's got a beard and is in ripped-up pants. Don't care.

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