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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Philadelphia Revolution Hockey?

I was about to get out of a bus near my house after I ran some errands today, and saw another bus pulling to the corner. When I saw what the bus said, I was intrigued, so when I exited my bus, I shot some video.

Seeing as how I'm not enthused about the Flyers right now, thanks to their lying (definitely) bigot (possibly) Wayne Simmonds, this intrigued me. I found their website -- it's a bit subpar, but I've been able to piece together that the Philadelphia Revolution is a junior hockey organization, with teams in three different leagues. They play their home games at a rink in Warwick Township. In fact, one team had a game there tonight, with a 5:40 pm scheduled start.

I don't know why their bus was around the corner from my house at 4:15, less than 90 minutes before game time. I think there's a chance the driver was lost, or thought he was lost. The bus was headed north on Frankford Ave. to Grant Ave., made a right on to Grant and (as I took my video) parked along the road for about two minutes before resuming the trip. But based on Google's directions from there to the rink, they were headed in the wrong direction when the bus turned onto Grant.

I wish them well. Definitely more than the Flyers right now. But they need to spell the word "sponsor" correctly.


Anonymous said...

Not very surprised that the bus seemed lost. The Bus driver is always getting lost even with the coaching staff on board. These guys can't even get back from north jersey without ending up in New York first. What a Joke!!!

Anonymous said...

The Petition
This petition has been created to inform potential ice hockey players and their families the truthful facts about the Philadelphia Revolution Junior Ice Hockey program. The Revolution Junior ice hockey teams are plagued with drug use. Their Junior team head coaches are also their site superintendents of apartments owned throughout the Philadelphia area. DO NOT fall prey to this organization, you will not be happy paying $7500.00 for a site superintendent to coach your player. The Junior locker room is a trailer added onto the building with no heat. Players dress in the freezing cold often wearing frozen equipment. Their contracts promise you nothing and that is exactly what you get for your money---NOTHING. They run a yearly scheme with the help of a goal tending coach of recruiting players to fund the season and then he brings in additional players late in the season to collect additional funds. This is greed at its best so do not fall for their "we are a family here" line. They could care less about your kid because they only want your money. They trade off players late in the season to teams with full rosters or they drop them altogether. They ruin players seasons by holding on to them passed the refund deadline to earn full tuition and then leave them no where to play because it is too late in the season to move to a new team. STAY AWAY their actions are immoral but contractually protected. This organization suspends players with no valid proof and when the players have valid proof of their innocence they do not answer phones, emails or texts. AVOID this organization AT ALL COSTS and take your player to a well established, reputable team and you will be thankful you did. BOYCOTT THE PHILADELPHIA REVOLUTION JUNIOR ICE HOCKEY PROGRAM!!! DO IT FOR THE ICE HOCKEY PLAYERS!!!!
To sign petition please go to www.ipetitions.com/petition/philadelphia-revolution-ice-hockey