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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Leg Update, Plus...

Doc says it's infected, so I have to take antibiotics. C... on Twitpic
It doesn't look like this now
So this morning I was at the surgeon's office about my leg. Basically, we're doing nothing. The doctor feels it is continuing to heal on its own. He said the ultrasound I had last month indicated I'm having a girl the area with fluid measured only about an inch and to him it looked smaller than that today. He also said that if he did an incision to drain fluid it might prolong the healing process or make my leg worse. Since it doesn't bother me or impede me in any way, and there's no danger of a blood clot or anything like that, for now we're just going to let it go on clearing up. I can always go back if it does get worse somehow.

Meanwhile, something important has happened (that I tried to post to Twitter and Facebook this morning but the text disappeared, like my Outfest videos, into the Ether of Technological Incompetence). Before the doctor saw me, my vitals, height, weight, etc. were checked. And either I've been incorrectly measured my entire adult life, I was mismeasured today...or I've grown a half-inch taller, to 6 feet 1 1/2 inches. So now I'm going to say I'm 6' 2." Sounds a little more impressive, eh?

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