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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Leg! My Leg!

So, a while back this happened...

Doc says it's infected, so I have to take antibiotics. C... on Twitpic

This was about 10 days after I was hit by a smash back to the mound in my last softball game of the season. Unlike other times when I've been hit in the leg by a ball, the bruising did not fully clear up and the raised/swollen area did not go completely away after ice treatments. My doctor gave me a prescription for an antibiotic at the time. 10 days later, it was still there. I went back to the doctor and he prescribed a different (and, I assume, stronger) antibiotic. 10 days later, and it's still there. It is a little smaller in size, but there's still a raised area and discoloration.

So now I have to get an ultrasound (cue the "are you pregnant?" jokes) and an x-ray, and I'm being referred to a surgeon. My doctor thinks it may be just blood that needs to be removed or drained. He said that when he felt the bump, it doesn't feel warm to the touch compared to when he previously checked my leg, so for now I'm not taking any more antibiotics. I was concerned about this because of my trip next week, but he said as long as I don't develop a fever I should be okay. (The assistant took my temperature today: 98.3.)

And there's no pain at all. That's not even an issue. So I just have to stay alive until I get back from California.

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