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Monday, March 7, 2011

Which TV Legend Invaded My Dream?

(Note: This picture of deep-fried Oreos is a placeholder. When the Networked Blogs Facebook app posts this it displays the first picture as a preview, and I don't want it to spoil the surprise.)

Normally I don't remember my dreams after I wake up. Sometimes they linger in my mind a little, and then fade. Now and then I have a dream that is so off-the-wall that it can't help but embed itself into my brain. The best example of this is the one where I was dreaming that I was in bed and someone I used to work with...wait, I'm not ready to discuss that one.

I had two dreams a while back in which guys I've played softball with were actors, or supposed to be actors. In the first, I was walking down the street and saw George sitting in a car. He was dead...or so I thought until someone said, "Don't worry, we're just filming a scene."  I will say that George was a very convincing corpse.

In the other, I was walking around the fields at a city recreational center and in the middle of the baseball diamond there was a big-screen TV there tuned to a show. People in the dream were all talking about waiting to see Freddy on the show. Then, the scene ended and a voiceover said, "Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode." No Freddy! Sorry, dude. I'm sure you were great, though.

This morning's dream, however, may top them all. (Except that first one I mentioned that I'm not discussing, but that's for a different reason.) I was watching a baseball game. I think it was on TV at first. Then, suddenly, up to the plate stepped...

Betty White! Wearing a pantsuit (black pants, silver top), not a baseball uniform -- not even a helmet. And batting lefthanded!

At this point the sightlines changed and I seemed to be at the ballpark, in a seat in the upper deck just to the left of home plate. It sort of looked like the Vet or some other 70s-era old stadium.

Betty White swung, hit a fairly hard two-hopper towards the first baseman and sprinted to first. She runs amazingly well for an 89-year-old. I'm not sure if she was safe or out* because when she reached the base, her feet slipped forward suddenly, her legs went out from under her and she fell down into a slide.

And she kept sliding forward, very fast, all the way down the right-field foul line. In about three seconds she went into the fence feet first, and then the rest of her crashed into it. It looked pretty horrendous. I was sure she was hurt. A couple of players went over and helped her to her feet, and she started walking off under her own power, none the worse for wear. I began cheering, although it was really quiet around me -- I'm not sure if no one else cared or if I was back in front of the TV instead. I then woke up.

*I've decided she was safe at first. Why? Because she's BETTY WHITE, that's why! And here's her old TV commercial for Tastykake:

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