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Friday, March 25, 2011


Ever since I canceled my Sirius satellite radio subscription, they've been trying to get me back. There was the occasional letter. Recently, there were phone calls. Many phone calls. What started out as an occasional call became at least two calls a day. Both in the morning and in the late afternoon or early evening, like clockwork. I did some Googling and found some discussion board comments saying that they're pretty relentless. (Or desperate, as I mentioned in the above-linked post; the letter I got today again offered the $20 for 5 months' service deal.) An automated calling system dials your number. If you answer, you're then connected to one of their representatives. And even if you ask the caller to stop calling you, to remove you from their system, that doesn't always work.

The first times the calls came in, since I didn't recognize the number showing up in my caller ID I didn't bother to answer. There's never a voicemail (since it doesn't connect to the rep unless you answer). One night I finally answered and the caller said, "I'm calling from Sirius/XM..." At that point I hung up. Then the calls began coming twice a day, every day. So I took a new, more fun approach. If I was in front of my computer when the call came in, and if I was listening to music, I'd pick up but not say anything, and just put the phone down on my desk next to a speaker. After a bit they'd hang up. I did this three or four times in a week.

In the last few days I haven't had any calls. I'm not sure if they've finally given up or not. I had planned to begin vehemently cursing out the callers, but I thought of something else instead. On their website I still have an account setup (where I could log in to make payments, etc.). So I changed the phone number in my contact information. Remember the phone number that we used to be able to call to get weather forecasts? That's my new phone number...as far as Sirius is concerned.

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