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Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Week In Comics 3-9-11

A week after I had nothing to buy, I ended up with five books -- thanks to one featuring a storyline tie-in and another being the final issue of a miniseries. So we'll get to them first...

The Outsiders 37: This is the tie-in book, that story being the "Reign of Doomsday." Much of the book was about the Outsiders themselves, though, and not only was I not interested in that aspect of it, I didn't like the writing throughout very much at all. But hey, just like in the recent Steel special, Doomsday displayed new powers and easily absconded with a severely wounded, if not dead, Eradicator. If you're familiar with the post-death of Superman period in the comics, he had four replacements. Two, Steel and the Eradicator, have now been attacked by Doomsday. So obviously Superboy and Cyborg Superman are in Doomsday's sights.

Victorian Undead II -- 5 (of 5): While this whole "Sherlock Holmes vs. ______" idea was fun, I think it's sort of run its course. After defeating zombies, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and, in this concluding issue, Dracula, I'm not sure they can keep going back to the well. Or can they? Holmes vs. Frankenstein? The Mummy? The Wolfman? For now, my Holmes fix has to come from...

Sherlock Holmes: Year One 2 (of 6): A little Google search revealed the fact that this is a miniseries, not an ongoing. I guess it would have to be, because the title itself limits them to a single year. Anyway, a murder in London brings Dr. Watson (assisting Scotland Yard in determining the cause of death) into contact for a second time with the riddle that is Sherlock Holmes. Watson is more intrigued by what makes Holmes tick than the murder.

Superboy 5: While only slightly advancing the mysteries from the first four issues, the main thrust of this one is familiar. Seeing as every so often over the years DC sees fit to have Superman and Flash have a race to determine who's faster, it makes perfect sense to have Superboy and Kid Flash do the same. And you won't believe who wins.

Batman: Incorporated 3: The strange mix of weird villains, action and humor (Bruce Wayne is still loving life since his return), with another nod to the cliffhangers of the 60s TV series, still has me enjoying this. Batman's now in Argentina, attempting to persuade El Gaucho to join Batman, Inc. However, El Gaucho is resistant to the idea, and besides, they have bigger problems.

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