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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Weird Twitter Account

Before we get to the weird Twitter person(?), I have to mention my download of the Firefox 4 browser. It seems to open faster than previous versions, and although a few menus and such are moved around, I find I like it. One thing I worried about was two of my add-ons: Flashblock and Screengrab.  Flashblock keeps those annoying Flash ads (and anything Flash, actually) from opening unless you click on an icon. Screengrab is pretty much that: a tool to capture an image on your screen. With Firefox 4 being brand new, I feared that neither of these add-ons (essential to my enjoyment of the Internet) would work.

However, the Flashblock has worked fine. Screengrab doesn't -- but, it turns out, there's something called the Snipping Tool that's included in Windows Vista that does the same thing. I just tested it with the images below, as well as a YouTube video, and it seems to work exactly the same. Why didn't someone tell me I never needed Screengrab to begin with? I blame all of you. Anyway, browser-wise I'm fully functional again, and can now present to you the entire Twitter history to date of this account -- that both followed and unfollowed me in the span of two or three days. Read this first one from bottom to top...

Wow. This guy has a serious mad-on for Wal-Mart, huh? Although his Twitter ID is odd, considering...but wait! All of those tweets were done on January 10th. Then, nothing. Until...

Ummmmm...what happened? Did "they" get to him? Has another voice of the people been silenced? Is there no hope for our society?

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