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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick Review: Take Me Home Tonight

Some things you should know about the film "Take Me Home Tonight" whether you see it or not:

  • It was filmed in 2007 and has been sitting around ever since.
  • The film takes place in 1988, according to Wikipedia. I knew it was set in the 80s but not specifically which year. More on this in a moment.
  • It stars Topher Grace as a college grad who can't decide what to do with his life, so he works at Suncoast Video. He lies about this when he has a chance encounter with his high school dream girl (Teresa Palmer), whom he's always regretted never asking out.
  • Later, after seeing each other at a wild party and getting some quality time, she tells him that the thing she likes most about him is his honesty.
  • I saw that line coming from ten miles away. The movie is that predictable.
  • Grace's character's twin sister is played by Anna Faris.
  • I normally love Anna Faris but this film somehow turned her into a version of Drew Barrymore.
  • And not a good version of Drew Barrymore.
  • An opening scene, which takes place in a record store, shows large displays of 1980s records.
  • Record stores back then (maybe they do still this now, but the only chain I have access to is FYE, and their displays don't quite fit the mold) had those large displays to sell current album releases.
  • Among the 1980s records displayed: "Touch" by Eurythmics and "Bad" by Michael Jackson.
  • "Bad" was released in 1987. "Touch" was released in 1983.
  • Perhaps the worst offense of all: of all the 1980s songs in the film, there was one in particular that was missing.
  • You guessed it: no love for Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight." My grade: D-plus.

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