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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Week In Comics 3-23-11

Business (or, the number of books I'm buying) has picked up the last couple of weeks, after that barren week where nothing awaited me in the store...

Batman, Incorporated 4: ...and it helps (or hurts?) that this series had an issue delayed, and now comes out with its second issue in three weeks. And they're weaving a story that includes flashbacks and current events, bringing old continuity involving the original Batwoman into play and getting the current Batwoman into the fray, with all of it affecting the situation Batman and El Gaucho are in down in Argentina.

Justice League of America 55: This is the next tie-in to the "Reign of Doomsday." As in the recent "Outsiders" issue featuring this storyline, the Doomsday stuff is squeezed in with other events involving the current iteration of the Justice League, but Doomsday's next target doesn't even show up until the very last page. The story is continued in a couple of weeks in Superman/Batman Annual #5, so why not just put the whole thing there?

Supergirl 62: Blue Beetle and Miss Martian join Supergirl and Robin as they track down the mystery man who created the superhero-tracking app as part of his plan to destroy the young heroes, and his connection to the Cadmus story that Lois Lane is investigating is beginning to make itself known. But it's a five-part story, and this is only the third installment.

Futurama Comics 54: Leela is abducted and taken to the planet Westminsteria, where she's going to be sold at a pet shop to a customer who will enter her in their annual Pet Show. Sound familiar? And in a second story starring Zapp Brannigan, his lieutenant Kif is promoted to captain, thanks to a timely...sneeze?

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