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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Status Update (And A "Glee" Bit)

Howdy! Haven't blogged in a couple of days so I feel the need to put something up here, but nothing too time-consuming, as I want to try get up early enough to catch a movie tomorrow. The goal is to see "Cedar Rapids," but it's only playing at AMC Neshaminy, which means I have to see it before noon or else pay $9 instead of $6, and since it's been there for at least two weeks now I fear it'll be gone if I don't see it tomorrow. And since Neshaminy Mall isn't as close as Franklin Mills, I need to get up earlier.

I've got only one movie to review ("The Adjustment Bureau") but I'm behind in my comic book updates (and that's even with not buying anything on March 2nd -- the one book I was buying that week got delayed). I still have this great, philosophical idea rolling around in my head -- I've had it for a few weeks and have to sit down and get it out.

But let me just mention last night's episode of "Glee." Something happened that kind of amazed me, and I really am curious to see how it's handled in future episodes.

It's not this kiss, however. (Regarding that, though: swooooooooooooooooooooooooooon. So adorable. Kurt and Blaine are now a couple.)

The wife of Ohio's lieutenant governor (after telling the crowd that "My husband is verbally abusive and I have been drinking since noon") announced that New Directions won Regionals and was headed to New York City for Nationals. At which point Sue Sylvester (who was the coach of Aural Intensity) walked over and punched her in the face, dropping her on the spot. TKO. She then turned and began to walk away as the groups on stage began to react...annnnnnnd cut! On to the next scene.

It was quite stunning, even by Sue standards. But we all know what would happen in real life if someone did this: the Secret Service (or state/local versions of such) throw him or her to the ground, and perhaps get a few shots of their own in while making the arrest. A high bail is set, and the assailant eventually is found guilty and sent off to jail. After all, you just don't punch an elected official's spouse.

But this is "Glee," where a kid in a wheelchair plays on the high school's football team. So when the series returns from rerunville next month, my guess is this will either be forgotten or quickly and absurdly resolved.

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