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Monday, February 21, 2011

Quick Review: Just Go With It

Oh, romantic comedies. Trying to find a way to make these things really great is either too difficult, or the studios aren't even trying. In "Just Go With It" Adam Sandler plays a plastic surgeon who wears a wedding ring and uses it in conjunction with made-up sob stories ("my wife beats me/cheats/is a prostitute") to pick up girls. Then circumstances conspire to have the ring in his pocket when he meets the apparent girl of his dreams (Brooklyn Decker). After they spend the night together she finds the ring and he says he's about to be divorced. She wants to hear it from the soon-to-be ex-wife. He persuades his office manager (Jennifer Aniston) to play his ex. Then her kids get involved in the story and, well, it's just one lie after another. Yet we're supposed to believe that two women would fall in love with this liar, even the one who knows that he's a liar? It wasn't a total loss. I kinda liked the two kids, and Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews (as a married couple; she is an old college frenemy of Aniston's character, he claims to have invented the iPod) were fun. Maybe that's why I started out really hating it, but in the end I just...you know the rest... My grade: C-minus.

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