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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mysterious Mail

(I was going to make this a MixBlog but I don't really have any other topics right now, so...)

Last week in the mail I got an envelope with a Winston-Salem, North Carolina return address. When I opened it, I found a check from Hatfield Meats -- the makers of Phillies Franks -- in the amount of $5. Also enclosed was a sheet of paper with a few store coupons, and the message: "Thank you for choosing a Hatfield Quality Meats boneless ham...(blah blah blah about Hatfield)...attached is a $5 rebate..."

I may have bought some Phillies Franks in the past, but I can't recall ever buying a ham. I certainly didn't buy a ham and then send in some proof-of-purchase code to get a rebate. It's very strange.

I can't help but wonder why someone doesn't mysteriously send me a check for a lot more than five bucks. Or at least PayPal me...

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