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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Week(s) In Comics 2-9-11, 2-16-11

I'm two weeks behind in this so I'm not going to write a lot about each of these. There are times when I feel like I'm not inspired enough and maybe I shouldn't bother writing about my weekly comic book haul. However, unlike many comics creators, publishers, fans, etc., I believe continuity is important. So, starting with the 9th:

Superman 708: Still not into this walking-across-America thing but developments here at least hint at a possible explanation for Superman's mental malaise. Plus he meets Wonder Woman for the first time (well, first time since her whole timeline was changed in her book so that she's not a famous hero and no one knows who she is).

DC Comics Presents: Superman - Sole Survivor 1: A reprint of four comic books in one issue, a couple of stories, from 1998 and 2001, that somehow I missed before. The second one was actually more interesting, telling the story of a scientist who, when his planet is about to explode, launches his only child into outer space to save his life. Krypton? No, in this story it's Earth.

Victorian Undead II -- 4 (of 5): Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula, part four. Unlike last issue, lots of action. No actual appearance by Dracula, though. Unfortunately, he's in Buckingham Palace.

As for the 16th...
Supergirl 61: The new "Flyover" app that tracks superheroes leads Supergirl to head to Gotham City to help out Robin, although what really amused me is that she got the smartphone from Lois Lane, who tells her to keep it because "since I broke that story on phone tariff fraud last year, I seem to be able to get a free upgrade anytime I want." I hate her.

Simpsons Comics 175: Another of those "trilogy" books. Here, Homer tells stories about 1970's TV series: "The Muppet Show," "Little House on the Prairie" and "The Rockford Files," although there are cameos and references to other shows as well.

Sherlock Holmes: Year One 1: This book brings us an early mystery solved by Holmes, and his first encounter with Dr. Watson. Not sure if this is a miniseries or an ongoing book. but it's not from the same publisher as "Victorian Undead" and, thus, has no Dracula and no zombies. Also unlike that book (and the PBS show and the Guy Ritchie movie): he wears the deerstalker cap! Yay!

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