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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Too Long For Twitter: Netbook Part Deux

I'm so confused and frustrated. Help! I previously wrote about how I want to buy a netbook or laptop before my trip to California (which is next week already). In checking various websites (and going into a couple of stores) I'm just not completely satisfied with any of them. Either they're too expensive or they have issues:
  • Too large to easily carry on the plane (or anywhere else) with my backpack
  • Only 1 GB of memory (I've seen a lot of comments on different pages saying that 2 GB or more is better)
  • Includes Windows 7 Starter instead of Windows 7 Home Premium (almost all comments say the Starter edition is really bad)
  • Out of stock
  • Not sold in the store and it can't be shipped in time for my trip unless I pay a high price
  • And probably one or two other things I'm forgetting at the moment
The cheapest I've seen is a Gateway netbook sold at Best Buy for $199.99, and on its site it has surprisingly decent reviews from customers. I'm thinking I should either settle for it (even though it's one of those with the 1 GB memory and Windows 7 Starter) or get nothing at all. But it's gonna be a serious pain in the ass to carry the old laptop with me.

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