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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eagles 2011: Meh

That's right. I said, meh. M-E-H, meh.

I'm supposed to be so excited for the 2011 Eagles' season because the lockout ended and they signed a bunch of free agents and one of them said the Eagles were the "Dream Team" and they gave Michael Vick a contract extension and the other teams in the NFC East suck and on and on and on. Super Bowl! Wooooooo!

As I see it, while they have a lot of promise, they also have question marks. Potentially major question marks. The offensive line. The linebackers. The safeties. Rookie placekicker and rookie punter. The offensive line coach-turned-defensive coordinator. Not to mention the same old head coach with the same old playcalling issues and the same old clock management issues and the same old "time's yours" demeanor.

So I see it as just another typical year: 10 or 11 wins, another NFC East title or at least a wild card, eliminated in the playoffs early. And with ownership still not inclined to replace Andy Reid, it's more "lather, rinse, repeat."

Beyond that, neither the Eagles nor the league have bothered to take any action or even so much as comment on DeSean Jackson's "gay-ass faggot" radio interview from before the lockout ended. It's been over two months since it occurred and nearly a month since I last wrote about this issue. Until something happens beyond the weak non-apology that was released via statement, I can't root for this guy. I don't want him to get that reworked contract he wants so badly. Frankly, if he got hurt I'd probably chalk it up to karma. And if the team and the NFL are going to ignore this, then I'm not sure how much I want to support them.

There you have it. My raison d'meh, if you will. Enjoy your football season.

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