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Friday, May 20, 2011

My Week In Comics 5-11-11

I mentioned one of these last week, because it was previewed in DC's Free Comic Book Day giveaway. So let's start with that.

Flashpoint 1 (of 5): As I mentioned, the world has suddenly changed and only Barry Allen, a.k.a. the Flash, is aware of it. Except, because of one specific event that was changed, he isn't Flash now. So he has to actually drive to get around. Poor Barry. Now he's living in my world. Except he can drive and I can not. Ummm...where was I going with this? Anyway, Barry's headed to Gotham City to find Batman, the only hero he knows for sure still exists. Except Batman is...well, that would be a spoiler -- although if you go online, you'll find out anyway. That big Bat-twist is one of the best things about this story. I still feel like this is just a variation on the many stories involving alternate timelines, though. There are characters who are different, there are apparently a few new characters, and if you believe the hype there will be lasting repercussions after this story plays out. There always are.

Superman 711: Superman's in Vegas to do some gambling, take in some shows, and...no, wait, he's still wandering across America, and is in Utah when an emergency signal (signal watch, that is -- hey there, Jimmy Olsen) brings him to Vegas and a confrontation with Livewire. In a nod to earlier continuity, there's a cameo by an outfit Superman had to wear for a while a few years ago when he...wasn't quite himself, power-wise. The last couple of issues of this "Grounded" storyline have gotten a lot better, but I'm glad it will finally end in just three more issues.

Batman, Incorporated 6: Speaking of getting back on track, after the last two issues telling a very convoluted tale, this issue is back-to-basics, explaining a lot about how Bruce Wayne wants Batman, Inc. to function and how he wants the world to perceive it, as well as setting up what major threat Batman, Inc. is about to battle. It's full of good stuff, with appearances by many Bat-characters, a criminal called "Emoticon Man," a worldwide "flashcrime" event (you know about flash mobs? This is a criminal version)...and Bruce Wayne in a
chat room!

Moriarty 1: Not sure if this is a miniseries or a continuing series, but the premise is interesting. It's amazing that comic book publishers have gotten into Sherlock Holmes recently. DC imprint Wildstorm took its turn with the "Victorian Undead" Holmes-vs.-zombies/Dracula/Jekyll-Hyde books, Dynamite Entertainment is running the "Sherlock Holmes: Year One" miniseries and now a third company -- Image Comics, which has a rather crappy website, BTW --  takes the Holmes saga in a different direction: this book stars his greatest enemy, Professor James Moriarty. In this take, that fateful encounter at Reichenbach Falls resulted in the death of Holmes, and Moriarty survived. But now it's 20 years later and Moriarty, now living under an assumed name, isn't nearly the criminal mastermind he once was. In fact, he sometimes does some detective work himself, except he generally works for criminals. Then he's asked by a British government agent to take on a missing-persons case that he finds irresistible. This is one of the wordiest books I've read in some time, with tons of dialogue and narrative boxes, but it's intriguing.

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