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Thursday, May 19, 2011

More S Words

I have a couple of photos I took during yesterday's trip to Center City to buy comics, but my phone (or Virgin Mobile, or something) refused to let me post them to Twitter (via Twitpic) or Facebook. So here they are -- both subjects start with the letter "S" -- just like this previous post -- and not only that, the titles of all three books I bought yesterday started with "S." (Insert "Twilight Zone" theme here.)

Shirtless Thugs II: For this first one, taken at Rittenhouse Square, I tried to Twitpic it with the caption, "Where are they? WHERE ARE THEY???" This graffiti seems to be a phenomenon. It's the second time I've seen it. It's also been mentioned on another blog, but that blog recently took a condescending and possibly anti-gay shot at the creator of one of my favorite blogs, Streets Dept., so it gets no link from me.

Yesterday was a bit too damp and dreary for people to be shirtless, anyway. (But at least there wasn't a tornado in town, like there was up in the Northeast, about 3.5 miles from my house! It's really rare for a tornado to touch down in Philadelphia. The last reported twister was in 1999. But this one yesterday wasn't much of one. It was EF-0, the weakest on the scale, and only traveled about 300 feet according to the National Weather Service. A few roofs torn off, a little debris, and that was pretty much it.)

Saxbys: There's a new one that just opened at 20th and Walnut. I'm not one for coffee but
my friend Kurt wanted a drink, so I suggested we check this out because I had read that this new place had iPads built into a few of their tables. I pictured something like this Ms. Pac-Man table (below, left). I remember playing Ms. Pac-Man on a table like this wayyyy back in the day at a bar or restaurant somewhere. Instead, the iPad is just bolted onto the tabletop:

I played with the iPad a bit. It wasn't that impressive since I didn't have the option of actually holding it while doing something. Plus I didn't like not having an actual keyboard. But it was kind of cool to use my fingers to zoom in or out on an area of the screen. I still think I'd prefer a netbook, or perhaps something iPad sized, but with a slide-out keyboard like my phone.

Interestingly, when I opened the Twitter app someone's account was already logged on. I tweeted on that person's page just to tell her she forgot to log out. Then I tried to log out, and...nothing. There literally was no way to log out. I don't know how she logged on, but I touched every menu option on the screen and none of them led to a way to log out! One of the options was to delete the account entirely. I could have wiped out her Twitter right there. (In another context, that last sentence could be extremely dirty.) Note to self: never log on to Twitter via iPad until learning where the log-out function is.

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