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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Week In Comics 5-18-11

This comic book post comes first because I still can't quite sit myself here in front of this computer to write about the movies I saw last week. I think they're the posts that most feel like "work," unless a movie is so amazing (in a good or bad way) that it inspires me to knock it out right away. I'm not sure if I could be really successful at a job where I was paid to write, being assigned topics and asked to come up with "x" number of words. I really need to be inspired by something to just write. My comic book posts aren't quite as much trouble. So...

Supergirl 64: The conclusion of the "Good-Looking Corpse" story arc in which Supergirl and some of the other young DC heroes team up to defeat Alex, the Project Cadmus clone of Dubbilex with some bonus Kryptonian DNA. Of the books I read regularly, this might be the one that's been the most consistently good. It wasn't always that way. When the newest version of Kara Zor-El debuted in her own series, I read a few issues and then dropped it because I hated the characterization and the stories. But a combination of a change in writers and the book's tie-ins to the "New Krypton" stuff in the Superman series got me back, starting with issue 34, and I've been happy with it ever since. Let's just hope she doesn't feel the need to walk across America any time soon.

Sherlock Holmes: Year One 4 (of 6): The body count in the "Twelve Caesars" murders is up to eight, while Holmes is more intent on investigating the apparent suicide of a friend. And at the end of the issue we're introduced to Irene Adler, known as "the woman" to Holmes (as explained in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story "A Scandal in Bohemia"). So in the next issue or two, we'll be told more about why he feels that way...at least according to this story's writer. I wonder if Conan Doyle will approve?

Simpsons Comics 178: Sideshow Bob and some other prisoners are being sent to a top-secret penal colony...on the moon. Did you know that Springfield has a space shuttle launch center? Things go awry, thanks to Homer and Bart's new helicopter toy, the "Blackhawk Guillotine with admantium blades." (Bart to Marge: "But, Mom, it's got a French name...it couldn't possibly be a threat!")

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