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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ESPN reporter victim of hetero pervert

We constantly hear blathering from right-wing nuts and other assorted homophobes about the behavior of gays, but they and everyone else need to keep one thing in mind: most people are heterosexual, and quite a few of them are perverts.

For example: ESPN reporter Erin Andrews recently became the victim of one such sleazebag. Someone secretly videotaped her as she was naked in her hotel room. The video was posted to various websites, including YouTube. Her lawyer and ESPN got the sites to remove it, but hackers are using the hype to spread computer viruses and malware. The creep is now reportedly trying to sell the video. The worst part is that so far, no one even knows where or when the invasion of privacy took place.

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that the perpetrator of this crime is a heterosexual male? Come on. How many lesbians would drill a small hole into a hotel room from an adjoining room and use a spy cam to film a naked woman? Yet it's homosexuality that's immoral? Does anyone really think that preventing same-sex marriage would have stopped this particular act, or any of the many similar acts by other straight people?

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