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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mystery Box, Mystery Water

Remember when I wrote about this box on a pole near the spot where I catch the bus to begin my long trip to work every day? I still don't know what it is, or what the equipment inside does, but not too long after I wrote that post it was covered again. The panel that had been lying on the ground was now back on the box, secured by some sort of strap or band wrapped around it.

Cut to Friday, March 10th. I got to the corner and...

The panel was back on the ground. The last pic is a closeup of the label on the inside. A day or two later, the panel was gone. It's not back on the box, and it's no longer lying around. Did someone take it or did the wind just blow it away somehow? Anyway, as of now the top cover that's sticking up in the first photo is back down on top, but it's still open, at least as of two days ago.

Meanwhile, I have another mystery. I took some video for the first time with B.T. (Baby Tablet, or my HTC Evo View 4G tablet with the 7-inch screen)...

This was taken at SEPTA's Broad Street Subway, North Philadelphia station, northbound local track at the northern end of the platform. This little stream has been flowing since at least November 2011, when I began taking this route to work semi-regularly (depending on how much time I have, one of my options is to take the Broad-Ridge spur from 8th and Market to this station). It isn't rainwater--it's always there, even during dry spells. I really think there's a broken pipe somewhere north of the station. Seems to me that we shouldn't be wasting that water, if it's actually from a pipe leak.

I actually sent a tweet to the mayor about it. I don't know if he saw it or not. He responds to some people's tweets but probably gets so many that don't get a response. Whether a staffer referred it somewhere (SEPTA or the water department) I have no idea. Let's see if anything changes in either situation.

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