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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Mysterious Box On The Pole

So this...

...has been like this for about two weeks or so, completely exposed to the air, the rain, etc. It's at the bus stop near my house. It seems important, seeing as it seems to be electronic or communications equipment. So a couple of days after I first noticed it, I tweeted it to the city's 311 Twitter feed...

...and got no reply.

I took a couple more pictures last week. They aren't as large when viewed at full size than I thought. I need to re-check the camera settings on my phone. This is another view of it:

The black box (more clearly seen in the top photo) says "XM" on it, which leads me to think it possibly is related to satellite radio. I know that Sirius/XM uses repeaters in and around cities for its signal. I also thought perhaps it has something to do with police radio communications.

The silver box hanging outside the big container, with what appears to be a phone cord attached, says, from what I can tell from the ground, "Electroline Transponder." And there's some sort of bar code.

This is the door of the big box, sitting on the ground.

It seems to have nothing to do with the traffic lights at the corner (the pole itself is slightly away from the intersection) as they've been working just fine.

The Philadelphia Daily News is interested in this. Can anyone shed some light on what this is?

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