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Monday, January 9, 2012

Picture With A Message

Today I took another one of those photos where the sun makes an appearance. I saw the sign from a short distance away and thought it might have been adorned with street art such as this. I was mistaken. It was a protest.

I was trying to show the image of the sticker placed on SEPTA's Route 23 sign but the sun may make the words difficult to see. It says, "Where's the trolley SEPTA promised?" Route 23 used to be a trolley line, the longest in the city and possibly one of the longest trolley lines in the nation. Twenty years ago it was replaced by buses, but there are people who want the trolley back. SEPTA has said in the past that they would restore it. Another line, the 15, had its trolley service restored in 2005.

Riding a trolley as compared to the same old bus is a pretty cool thing, especially if the weather's warm and the windows are open (although I don't know if the new trolleys on the route 15 actually have windows that you can slide up and down to let in some air).

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