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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Eagle Waits...

This is the center city Macy's store that was formerly known as John Wanamaker's, where the bronze Eagle stands in the Grand Court. This is where the holiday light show is held every year. Two weeks ago I was passing through and stopped and took a picture, because it seemed to me that the Eagle was standing there, looking up, just waiting for the light show to begin. That photo is the wallpaper on my phone right now.

But I wasn't entirely happy with it because I didn't quite get the top of the Christmas tree. So after I helped my friend move earlier this afternoon (well, yesterday afternoon as it's now after midnight) I stopped in center city on the way home and tried again. The photo at left is the one that is closest to the one I took two weeks ago.

I took a couple more, as well as one from the opposite side, showing the people today sitting around the Eagle waiting for the show to begin (it was 2:30 pm at the time), and you can see that, with the head turned as it is, the Eagle actually isn't looking at the tree...

Happy New Year. Posts on my 2011 in music and this blog coming in the next day or two.

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Anonymous said...

That bird reminds me of Sam the Eagle of the Muppets.