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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Town Needs An Enema

I'm just saying...

I love that line from Tim Burton's "Batman," and I was listening to my summer playlist and "Batdance" came on, so here you go.

Actually, I think the whole damn nation needs that enema. The budget disasters at the local, state and federal level continue to wreak havoc on people's lives because of politics, as the rich and powerful continue to become more rich and more powerful at the expense of the working class, the poor, the elderly, etc., and people just allow it to happen. More time is spent on sideshows -- Sarah Palin and Donald Trump and Anthony Weiner -- than on the real issues. And by the way, Anthony Weiner should resign from Congress, not because he did anything illegal or wrong, just for being so utterly STUPID and playing right into the right wing's hands.

On the other hand, he'd probably get a show on CNN or MSNBC, which is all we need. So maybe he should stay in Congress after all.

Last week, I made a last-minute decision to go chasing after Sarah Palin when she stopped by Independence Hall and visited the Liberty Bell on her stupid little bus tour, but she was already gone by the time I got there. I just wanted to boo her the way she was booed when she dropped the puck for the ceremonial faceoff before the Flyers game back in 2008. Alas, I missed my chance. I did visit the Liberty Bell, though.

The renovations of Independence Hall are continuing, as you can see in this picture. One thing I wasn't aware of is how much the bell used to travel around the country. So, unlike Sarah, I actually learned something on my visit.

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