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Friday, June 24, 2011

My Week In Comics 6-15-11

I was considering not buying the two DC books I picked up, with the coming reboot and all, but ended up doing so anyway -- one out of some loyalty to the character, and one because I looked at it in the store and decided I might like it.

Supergirl 65: With the last story arc having been completed, this is the first of the final three issues before September's relaunching. The description of the new Supergirl leaves me cold. So I wasn't going to bother with this, but decided to anyway. This new tale sends Supergirl to college (incognito, of course), at the request of Lois Lane, to try and learn why some college students are going missing.

Superman/Batman 85: Hadn't bought this book in a few months, because I was tiring of the stories they were telling, especially since they mostly weren't connected to the current events involving either title character. This story (again a three-parter, and this is one book that is actually gone come September), is, like the others, a flashback tale of sorts. It's set in the early days of the continuity that's about to disappear, a time when Batman and Superman were still a little distrusting of each other. The body of a reporter from Gotham City is found in Metropolis and Batman is the prime suspect in the murder. Sent by the Daily Planet to look into it, Clark Kent finds some evidence that actually could prove it. I enjoyed this -- the characterization hits the right notes.

Simpsons Comics 179: I get a weekly email from one of the stores I frequent, listing the new books coming out on Wednesday. This was not on the list. The fact that it was in the store and I didn't know it...disturbs me. Anyway, in this issue Lenny is taken in by a Scientology-like organization. There's also an ad for Simpsons Super Spectacular #13. "On sale in May!" it says. It's a little late, apparently.

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