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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Around Town Yesterday/Boy Bands Saturday

I took a few photos while I was downtown yesterday picking up my comic books. Before I got to the comic book store, I saw something funny. It forced me to declare this man in the Kobe Bryant jersey as the Very Minor Dumbass of the Week. Why?

Well, he walked up to the door of the Borders at Broad and Chestnut and grabbed the door handle, attempting to go inside. He failed. After all, that Borders closed last month.

I guess the fact that it was dark inside and there were no books or anything in the windows was lost on him. On the other hand, it also seems to be lost on Philadelphia Weekly, or at least on its delivery person, who left a bundle of papers sitting by the door. So PW and/or its driver is the Not-So-Very Minor Dumbass of the Week.

So then I met my friend Kurt, got my comic books and
hung out in Rittenhouse Square for a while, then visited the Saxbys at 20th and Walnut (the one with the iPads on the table, except the iPad on the table we sat at yesterday had no Internet connection) until he went to his rehearsal with the Phila. Gay Men's Chorus. By the way, they're putting on "Mmm Bop! Best of the Boy Bands" Saturday. Go buy tickets to either the 2 pm or 8 pm show. For the 2 pm show there's a student discount available, I understand.

Then I walked along Chestnut St. back to the El station at 15th and Market. I found a mural I hadn't noticed before, "Building Beyond Expectations." I took a photo, and then I noticed the proximity between the buildings depicted on the mural (the Liberty Place skyscrapers) and the actual buildings themselves...


As I continued along Chestnut St. I came upon Chestnut Park, which is small but very nice...

A little slice of peace and quiet in the middle of the urban rush.

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