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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Blog Is Mobile, And Other Stuff

Now and then I check out a website using my cell phone, and it's not a pretty experience because there's no mobile version. My blog was once one of those sites. However, Blogger added a setting for a mobile template. I'm no expert but supposedly if you visit the blog from a mobile phone you'll automatically get the mobile template. Apparently, though, it doesn't work with certain phones or browsers or whatever. So here's a link to the mobile version.

So, what else is going on?

It's been wicked hot the last couple of days -- 97 and 99 degrees were the highs, breaking one record and tying another. We had one official heat wave already (3 or more days of 90-plus temperatures), and if we make it to 90 one more day we'll have another. I've been trying to make do without my central air, just to cut down on electricity usage. I finally put it on for a few hours today, mainly to make sure it works for when we have a really extended period of hot weather.

One thing that's not hot? The Phillies' offense. But that's nothing new. Everyone's back in the lineup now, though. So now it's time for them to produce. Part of me tries not to worry -- their pitching has carried them to the best record in baseball before their loss tonight. But as this goes on, more and more I think that they're never going to regain the hitting prowess of past years, and that will continue to strain the pitchers, and this will lead to an epic failure in the playoffs. And considering the expectations coming into this season, it could get ugly.

Oh, and our Pride Parade and Festival is Sunday. It looks like I'll be working at the City of Brotherly Love Softball League table -- signing up people to play Fall Ball and/or to volunteer with the ASANA World Series (the Women's World Series) in August, and selling raffle tickets. You can win two free round-trip Southwest Airlines tickets, or Phillies tickets. So stop by and say hello!

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