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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Every Dad's A Phillies Fan

The latest Entertainment Weekly has a few pages devoted to a Father's Day gift guide. Each page is devoted to a different "type" of dad. As you can see, it started out with movie-related gifts...

...then there was a music page, followed by this...

I know there are alternate covers on magazines all the time, but I'm not sure publishers are sophisticated enough to change a team logo in one illustration on one inside page based on where the magazines are being shipped. If someone elsewhere sees a Yankees or Red Sox or, heaven forbid, Dallas Cowboys logo in their issue, let me know. Otherwise, I'm assuming that either the illustrator credited by EW, Jude Buffum, or Jude's father, is a Phillies fan.

By the way, the Phillies still have the best record in baseball. And I'm still just as convinced that, come the fall, if they aren't able to score some runs their own superior starting rotation won't matter.

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