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Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Naked Pat Burrell

Remember the item I posted on Monday about the YouTube video that featured someone strongly believed to be former Phil Pat Burrell walking by briefly, his face covered (by a mask) but almost everything else uncovered, while Giants teammate Brian Wilson was doing a TV interview from his home? I don't understand the costume's name, but according to TheFightins.com it's called a gimp outfit. And today they revealed -- with photgraphic proof -- that Burrell's worn it before:

I don’t really want to go into detail about how I acquired this picture, but it was taken at Pat Burrell’s house in Arizona during a Christmas party in (I believe) December of ’04 (possibly ’05). According to my picture-taking accomplice, every year during his Christmas party — which is attended by a veritable who’s who of baseballers who spend their winters out in AZ — Pat wanders upstairs and slips into his assless-chapped gimp outfit to entertain his party guests while making them feel extremely uncomfortable all at the same time.
I took this at the Phils' Photo Day in '04. Pat was more fully dressed

It's not of very high quality, but there's some buttcheek there. I'd be drooling if it was a clearer shot. Seriously. Drooling. And I need to get invited to this year's party.

The (possibly NSFW) picture from TheFightins.com follows the jump:

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