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Monday, August 11, 2014

So THIS Happened Last Month...

I don't think the embedding of this will work, so here's the direct link to the video I posted to Instagram last month. It's a few moments of the broadcast of "6ABC Action News on PHL17."

This is a byproduct of TV stations subletting time to competing (in theory, at least) stations rather than fund their own news production. NBC10 used to provide news on WPHL. Now it's WPVI. Whatever you think of local TV news (and I think less of it with every passing day, it seems), you must admit that superimposing an animated blurb for a Disney movie on the screen during the newscast -- and worse, during a report on severe weather -- is a new low.

Interestingly, the 6ABC anchor that night responded when I tweeted this out last month. I quickly screengrabbed it because I thought it might be deleted, as seems to be the case.

I also tweeted the local gossip columnist for the Daily News about it. She replied that she'd look into it, but since I never saw anything in the paper about it, I guess it wasn't newsworthy.

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