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Thursday, August 21, 2014

#EverySimpsonsEver -- Day Two

Continuing with my daily summary of what to watch -- or skip -- during the twelve-day Simpsons marathon on FXX...and believe me, at this point the must-see episodes I'm leaving out are killing me!


8/22 1:00 AM ET “Brush with Greatness” -- After seeing some old paintings by Marge (of Ringo Starr, her favorite Beatle, who provides guest vocals) in the attic, Lisa encourages her to take art classes. This leads to Marge's being commissioned to paint a portrait of Mr. Burns for the Springfield Art Gallery.

8/22 3:30 AM ET “Stark Raving Dad” -- Homer is temporarily admitted to a mental hospital because he wore a pink shirt to work. Really. There, he shares a room with a guy who thinks he's Michael Jackson. He doesn't remotely look like MJ (heavyset, white, shaved head) but he sure sounds like the real deal...which he should, since Jackson did the vocals (under an assumed name). However, it seems he used a sound-alike to sing. He only did the speaking parts.

8/22 8:00 AM ET “Flaming Moe’s” -- Moe's bar becomes a huge success after he takes credit for a drink invented by Homer. Speaking of huge, in Bart's prank call to Moe he asked for Hugh Jass. (Get it?) To Bart's shock, Hugh answers.

8/22 9:30 AM ET “Radio Bart” -- Bart plays pranks with a "Mr. Microphone"-type toy, and ends up falling down an abandoned well. A "We Are The World" parody features guest vocals by Sting.

8/22 11:00 AM ET “Bart the Lover” -- One of the best. As revenge for a month's detention, Bart answers Edna Krabappel's personal ad, at one point sending her "his" picture -- a picture of Gordie Howe from a book.

8/22 11:30 AM ET “Homer at the Bat” -- The one with all the MLB stars playing on Mr. Burns' power plant softball team so he can win a bet against Shelbyville's power plant owner. Darrrrrylllll... Darrrrrylllll... And I just read the Wikipedia entry for this episode, which states that one of their first choices for the ballplayers turned them down: one Ryne Sandberg, now Phillies manager. Fire him now.

8/22 4:00 PM ET “A Streetcar Named Marge” -- Marge and Ned Flanders starring in a musical production of A Streetcar Named Desire.

8/22 7:30 PM ET “Mr. Plow” -- "Call Mr. Plow, that's my name, that name again is Mr. Plow." Homer's simple jingle for his snowplow business. Then his competitor, Barney, calls on Linda Ronstadt for his jingle.

8/22 8:00 PM ET “Lisa’s First Word” -- One of the many episodes which flash back to the family's past; of course, that past shifts because the Simpsons never age. This went back to the 1980s. Guest starring Elizabeth Taylor, speaking one word. Wonder how much they paid her?

8/22 9:00 PM ET “Marge vs. the Monorail” -- The episode title kind of explains it all. The late Phil Hartman as Lyle Lanley is brilliant. Then again, he was always excellent. Lionel Hutz, Troy McClure...

8/22 10:30 PM ET “I Love Lisa” -- Ralph Wiggum loves Lisa after she gives him a pity card on Valentine's Day. "So...do you...like...stuff?"


8/22 7:30 AM ET – “Saturdays of Thunder”
8/22 2:00 PM ET – “The Otto Show”

Again, not that these are necessarily bad. And even the worst episodes have at least some moments of humor.

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