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Sunday, August 31, 2014

#EverySimpsonsEver -- Day Twelve

The end. Or is it? FXX is going to air four- or six-hour blocks of episodes five days a week starting Tuesday, the day after the Every Simpsons Ever marathon finally ends. If FXX is smart they won't go too overboard on the later seasons. As you can see from the list below, and the last couple of posts, the pickings are really slim.


9/1 1:30 AM ET “Lisa Goes Gaga” -- The Lady Gaga Express is roaring across the country until she sees some sad billboards for Springfield ("sister city with no one"), so she has the train stop there so she can build up the town's self-esteem. It's just in time for Lisa, whose unpopularity with her schoolmates is at an all-time high. The numerous jokes and jabs at everything Gaga are mitigated by the fact that she's in on them.

9/1 9:30 AM ET “Dark Knight Court” -- At an Easter celebration a prank sends eggs flying into the crowd. Bart is accused but he denies it, and is granted a trial with schoolmates as the jury and Janet Reno presiding as judge (because she plays chess by mail -- snail mail -- with Grampa). The same egg attack and its aftermath leads Burns to become "Fruitbat Man," thwarting "crimes" (townspeople are playing criminals, paid off by Smithers).

9/1 5:00 PM ET “Steal This Episode” -- Tired of hearing spoilers for movies he hasn't seen, as well as today's multiplex experience (such as pre-movie commercials), Homer begins illegally downloading movies...and then starts showing them in his backyard.

9/1 10:30 PM ET “Brick Like Me” -- The LEGO episode. Fun, very well-done, but would have been better had it arrived before The LEGO Movie.


9/1 3:00 AM ET “Adventures in Baby-Getting”
9/1 3:30 AM ET “Gone Abie Gone”
9/1 4:00 AM ET “Penny-Wiseguys”
9/1 7:00 AM ET “Changing of the Guardian”
9/1 8:30 AM ET “Gorgeous Grampa “
9/1 9:00 AM ET “Black-eyed Please”
9/1 11:00 AM ET “Whiskey Business”
9/1 12:00 PM ET “The Saga of Carl”
9/1 2:30 PM ET “YOLO" -- Yo, no.
9/1 4:00 PM ET “Yellow Subterfuge”
9/1 4:30 PM ET “White Christmas Blues”
9/1 9:30 PM ET “Days of Future Future”

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