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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ew York

Since I'm up late I decided to post the pictures I took when I went to New York for a weekend in early March. EDIT TO UPDATE: I posted them to Shutterfly and hoped to have a slideshow embedded into this post but using the code they provided, no slideshow appears. So just click on this link.

The main purposes for the trip: my friend Kurt was auditioning for The Voice on the Saturday of that weekend, so while he auditioned I went to see "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."

The trip wasn't exactly a success. It wasn't horrible, but there were a number of problems throughout. It started with Megabus. (That's their sign at left -- hence the title of this post.) We were supposed to leave at 5:30 pm but the bus was quite late -- an hour, at least, as I remember. We stood out in the chilly air and watched while at least two competing buses (Bolt Bus, which is actually owned by Greyhound) arrived, picked up passengers for New York, and went on their way. Once we finally got on our way, the wi-fi on the bus was wonky.

We finally got to our small hotel, which was in Chinatown, and were told that because a regular room wasn't ready that we would get the "penthouse." The elevator doesn't go to the penthouse without your room keycard to unlock it. Our key didn't work. After the staff couldn't get it to work, they decided to put us in a first-floor room for one night. It was freezing with no heat. We went back to the desk, and after another wait  someone got the key to unlock the elevator button for the "penthouse." The elevator opened right up into the room -- there were no other rooms on the floor. It wasn't exactly luxurious but it was larger than a typical room. It also had a fuse box and some other electrical switches and an emergency phone for the fire department and a door to the roof of the building. I had images of maintenance men traipsing through our room or worse. (I took a video; if I get around to posting it I'll update this.

Saturday morning we stopped at a Tim Horton's (yep, Canada's favorite) for breakfast. It wasn't great and the service was not good. We walked around midtown for a bit before Kurt went to his audition. He wasn't chosen, unfortunately. I went to see "How to Succeed..." and tried to tune out the shrieks of teenage girls for the show's star, Nick Jonas. I partially went because "Ugly Betty" co-star Michael Urie was co-starring in this show. But that weekend he was absent, filming a TV show in Los Angeles.  I did get to see Nick's best asset in person, however.

Kurt and I met up and had dinner at a burger place called The Counter in Times Square. It wasn't bad, but as we left I nearly died and killed someone else. I was pushing my seat away from the table in order to get up. Instead of sliding back, though, it moved a little, then stopped and tipped. I nearly crashed to the floor (or onto the next table or someone sitting at that table) but out of nowhere a guy we guessed was the manager caught me and kept me from falling.

Saturday night we went to a couple of bars in the West Village, but weren't having a scintillating time (I hardly have a good time in bars anyway -- I don't know why I should ever go into a bar again). So we went back to the hotel, but not before having a yummy dessert from this waffle truck.

Sunday I ventured on to the roof and got some nice pictures. We checked out of the hotel and stored our bags so we could walk around. We went to the M&M store in Times Square. After meeting Hello Kitty earlier (check the picture in the slideshow or check my Facebook) I decided I wanted pink M&Ms, so I filled up a bag. It turned out to cost around $40.00 (I think it was $12.99 per pound because it was a blatant ripoff specialty item.) We ended up walking in Central Park. I took some more pictures and a little bit of video of people walking and jogging. It wasn't a bad day, until we went to catch the New Jersey transit train to Trenton (to connect to SEPTA) and found a mob scene. One train filled up immediately -- we didn't even go down the stairs to the platform to get on that. So we had another wait to endure before finally heading home.

This was two months ago so there may be some things I'm forgetting.

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