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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Twitter Spammers Get Clever

So I just noticed I have a new follower on Twitter. According to her profile, "Sherry" lives in Wilmington, Delaware with her roomate Jen and two cats, Simon and Holden. One of her favorite movies is Walk the Line. And there's a link to find out more. Seems like a nice enough person; perhaps I'll follow back, I thought. But when you look at "Sherry's" profile, the tweets tell a different story...

Who's this Harold Shults, and why are all of Sherry's tweets actually retweets of this character?

By going to longurl.org you can copy and paste a shortened URL and find out where it leads, without clicking on it and putting your computer at risk for viruses and such. (Not that I'd have ever clicked on this one anyway, but this can be helpful for less obvious spammers.) Needless to say, "Sherry's" link leads to an adult dating website.

A thought just occurred to me: why isn't there more of this on Facebook? It's easy enough to set up fake profiles, I would think.

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