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Friday, July 13, 2012

Billy Penn's Big Brothers...And More

UPDATE: I've added a couple more pics taken on a different occasion. They're after the jump.

The day I visited the three different festivals -- and I will get those pics posted at some point, as I'm in a bit of a catching-up mode -- I was walking from Stop #2 (in Franklin Square) to Stop #3 (Walnut St. west of Broad), looked up and noticed City Hall and the two Liberty Place skyscrapers...

The angle of the picture, because of the route I took when I left Franklin Square, just gave me the impression that Billy Penn was being guarded by his two big brothers. (It took me three tries to get the tops of all three buildings in the shot. Oh, brother.)

Here are some additional photos taken last month. I decided to add them here instead of putting them in another post.

This is the Comcast Center, taken from just outside a restaurant across the street. The restaurant's entrance is up some stairs, which is why you don't see the Comcast Center's entrance on Arch Street. When it was completed it surpassed the Liberty Place buildings as the tallest skyscraper in the city. The video wall in the lobby is a big deal, especially when they have the holiday presentation at Christmastime. However, they missed out on a real opportunity by not having an observatory like the Empire State Building or whatever the Sears Tower is now called.

And my camera has a setting called "fishbowl" so I tried it a little later that day. What do you think?

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