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Friday, February 10, 2012

Photos And Such

After work I went into center city and decided to visit Five Guys. I got there shortly after 5 and it was virtually empty. Just one customer at a table eating. Possibly because it was a slow day and they had lots of potatoes to get rid of, possibly because I put a dollar in the tip jar, possibly both, I got a huge amount of fries thrown into the bag on top of the cup inside. Such joy.

Then I took a look at their bulletin board, where you can have a card tacked up exclaiming your feelings for Five Guys.

Ummm...excuse me?

Not sure whether a child wrote this or a smartass teen or adult, but... (On the odd chance that it was a kid, I covered up the name written in the lower right corner, even though I can't really tell what the name is.)

After I left Five Guys I walked west on Walnut St. to 15th, on my way to the El, and I passed a UPS Store, with a front door that is still anticipating a Christmas rush.

Or maybe they're planning early for Christmas 2012?

Meanwhile, let's talk about cramps. No, not those cramps. Leg cramps. I've occasionally gotten them in the mornings when I wake up, although it hasn't happened much in recent years. But I got one. Last night, while sitting on my recliner. I just moved my leg some way and it hit. Just awful. And then this morning I didn't wake up until 6:50 am. That's the latest I've awakened on a work day since I started the job in October. I won't go into the details of how little and how quickly I washed up before getting dressed. I still managed to get to work on time, though.

Just realized that, with the comic book post I did last night, I have only one overdue story to blog about. Of course, it's now been simmering for just about a year. I actually started on it a couple of months ago and then put it aside. Seriously. The 17th of the month is the one-year anniversary of the tweets that started this particular idea percolating in my head. I may try to finally puzzle out my thoughts by then. It has to do with a singer, a former U.S. Postmaster General, politics and...a board game.

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