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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paczki And Other Pics 'N Stuff

Once again I find I'm falling behind in blogging. I know I need the money and all but I can't wait until I'm put in nonpay status sometime this spring. Then I'll have the time to devote to this, not to mention searching for another job so I don't have to go back to this one in the fall -- ideally it would be a part-time job of some kind, whether it's two or three 8-hour days per week or 4 hours a day/five days per week. Anyway, pictures...

On Monday I was downtown and, since I was nearby, got a pic of Independence Hall without all that nasty scaffolding. Two days earlier there was a ceremony and the bell in the tower was rung for the first time since the renovations.

This evening, I stopped at my nearby supermarket and saw this...

...I'm guessing a truck ran into it to cause that much damage. As soon as I got in the door, I saw a table full of...

Having seen a few mentions of this on Twitter today, I read the message on the side of the box. I don't think you can see what this says, but basically it's a Polish tradition to bake these right before the start of Lent. Seeing as how I can hardly resist sweets and snacks these days, I bought some. They're quite tasty.

But going back to the subject of my blogging, I saw a couple of movies over the three-day weekend! One was kind of a slog and the other was a mess. I will write about them this week. And I still have that one long post, which is now a full year in the making. Sheesh.

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