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Sunday, February 26, 2012

MixBlog 2-26-11: Such A Mess

Let's see...where to begin...

Two of the last three nights I've fallen asleep in front of my TV for at least two hours, thus affecting my sleep patterns. Happened Thursday night, and somehow when I went to bed and slept, I didn't set the alarm properly and didn't even wake up until 8:30 am, which is when I have to arrive at work. Last night, and I ended up staying up really late and then stayed in bed until a little after 5.

5 pm.

I have to be up for work tomorrow morning, so I've got the choice of trying to drug myself to sleep (with cold medicine or Tylenol PM) or stay up between now and at least 6 pm tomorrow (when I get home from work). As I have no leave time to use, skipping work is not an option (and as I already was late for work Friday I don't want to do that again).

Then there's the credit card I've been using regularly.
It seems I've hit my limit. I wasn't aware of this until I tried using the card to pay for a movie ticket yesterday and it didn't work. I knew it was close but since I've been working again, I've mostly used it for smaller purchases because I've had cash. But in the last month or so I bought my tablet and some Phillies tickets, and those larger purchases combined with the day-to-day stuff pushed me over the limit. Not a critical problem but stupid.

Speaking of my tablet, I charged it last night and now, for some reason, the light on the power button (the one that's lighted when the tablet is on or is being charged) won't turn off even though I turned off the tablet. I can't help but think that this is something to worry about.

There are probably other things I wanted to mention but they've slipped my mind. But I think tonight I'm going to post a few more times because I don't feel like sitting through the Oscars. I've only seen one of the nine Best Picture nominees and there's no really compelling reason to watch, except maybe host Billy Crystal's opening piece. I'm recording it so if Twitter advises me of any must-see moments I can watch it later.

For now, I leave you with a couple of photos I took yesterday when I was at Franklin Mills...

This Jaromir O'Jagr t-shirt (or "shirsey," as I've seen used to describe these t-shirts that are made to sort of look like jerseys, but I hate that word almost as much as I hate the word "vlog") and one for Claude O'Giroux are on sale at Modells. St. Patrick's Day seems to be a big holiday for sports teams in areas with sizable Irish populations. The Phillies have gone all-out in recent years -- they have multiple styles of green t-shirts available, but part of this has to do with Tug McGraw, who I think was the first player to take the field on St. Patrick's Day wearing his uniform dyed green. Particularly after he passed away, it became something the Phils do every year during spring training. The Flyers have been selling Irish-themed clothing to a lesser extent, but have taken it to the next level by bastardizing the names of their players.

Bonus picture content: Linsanity t-shirts! The NBA and the New York Knicks are really pushing the marketing for Jeremy Lin, huh? He's played, like, 10 games for them? Unless he turns out to be a star, those shirts will be on sale for a dollar this time next year.

Or maybe not. This jersey is inexplicably available at Marshalls for $12.99 (I posted this to Twitter and Facebook yesterday). This is so wrong. How many people in this region would want an Atlanta Thrashers jersey, especially when they moved to Canada and are the Winnipeg Jets now? And $12.99? I might buy one for a dollar, but $12.99???

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