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Friday, April 1, 2011

Raising Hell On Facebook

Maybe it's me, but there are times when I think that most people are idiots. This is one of those times.

The first time I logged into Facebook today was from my cell phone while I was out. The screen said I had a message from someone whose name did not ring a bell. When I clicked to read it, I saw a list of message recipients that seemed endless. It's bad enough on a regular monitor (see screen captures after the jump), let alone this list, one name at a time, on my cell phone's small rectangular screen.

When I finally got down to the bottom, there were a series of replies -- on Facebook, you see all the replies to a message because you can't just reply to one person on the list. You have to reply to them all. The message originated, as it turned out, from the Phoenix Hellraisers flag football team, promoting...something. I've forgotten what. Whoever runs the team's Facebook sent it to every one of their FB friends, including me. (I know people who either are or were part of the team.) Right now they have 2,208 friends. A few minutes ago it was 2,210. I also unfriended them earlier in the evening.

Unfortunately, the replies keep coming. The "conversation" has gone basically like this from almost the beginning, and similar replies (including some duplicates) just keep coming...

Remove me too!

Remove me from this, please! Thank you...

Remove me as well

Omg. I have kept quiet all day, but enough is enough. Faggots!!!! Shut the f--- up!!!!!


The only way to make it is to stop replying... so STOP REPLYING!

So stop!!! Dyke!!



STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is this

And on and on and on...

You can delete it from your list of messages, but it just keeps coming back whenever another person replies. I'm not sure if the original sender can delete it (which would stop any further replies) or not. You can report it as spam, for what good that would do.

It amazes me that someone would be stupid enough to rile up all of their friends this way. I rarely send messages through Facebook. If I do, it's only because it's to one friend, or a few, and it doesn't need to be broadcast on my Wall. Then again, I'm not an idiot. (Well, not usually.)

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