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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Week In Comics 4-13-11

I'm a little behind again. D'oh. But this will put me just one week behind, and I'll try to get to that tomorrow.

Superboy 6: This is another tie-in to the "Reign of Doomsday." You knew this was coming because Doomsday (or whatever he really is, considering his constantly changing powers) has already collected the other replacements for the then-dead Superman, and Superboy is the only one left. Before that, there's another nice little conversation with his good friend Red Robin, in which Tim teases Conner about the early days of Superboy (in Hawaii, and also in the previous Superboy series). The Doomsday story picks up in the big Action Comics #900, out this week.

Red Robin 22: Speaking of Red Robin, I picked up this book because the DC info said this was part 1 of a three-part crossover with Gotham City Sirens (which I'm still buying every month) as well as Batman (which I don't). So I figured that it would be best to get this in order to not feel like I'm missing part of the story when I got Gotham City Sirens. Turns out this book was Part 2 of the story, not Part 1.

Superman 710: Meanwhile, Superman continues to walk across the country. He's gotten to Ogden, Utah when his super-vision spots an "S" logo in a cloud. It's a signal. You know, like the Bat-signal. Naturally, the signal's from Batman -- the original Bruce Wayne Batman who's all over the place putting Batman, Inc. in place, not the Dick Grayson Batman who sticks to Gotham City and the Justice League -- and the two reminisce about an adventure they had before they began their superhero careers. And then Batman joins the list of people counseling Superman about the funk he's in. The last couple of issues of this book have been better, but I still want this walk to be over.

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